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When you need to be riding high TJ Self Drive Hire has the right vehicle for you. Go cruising in a SUV or feisty 4X4 from our fleet of hire cars, and you’ll have an unforgettable driving experience.

In recent years we’ve seen an increase in the demand for 4X4s to hire in Bath and West Wiltshire. It seems that our clients are choosing 4x4s to rent not just because they are planning a sporty off-road jaunt, but because they realise that these vehicles have fantastic road holding ability in all conditions and in all weathers.

There’s no slip-sliding around when you drive a powerful SUV through a rainstorm or across tricky terrain. Many of our customers prefer a rental vehicle with a large engine for long journeys, knowing they have the muscle to manoeuvre quickly out of risky situations.

Another reason that our car hire customers ask for a 4x4 is that these vehicles are surprisingly plush, well-equipped and luxurious on the inside, and extremely spacious. A large 4x4 can accommodate around five adults along with their luggage or equipment, and as a bonus being seated in an elevated position in a tall vehicle means that everyone including the driver gets a great view out of the windows. If you’re travelling with children they will particularly enjoy the roominess of the vehicle and the high vantage point.

We must admit that there is a bit of vanity involved in hiring a 4x4 too. These stylish and imposing vehicles make a statement whether you’re driving in town or out in the country, and they are simply magic on the motorway.

Some of our clients express reservations about driving a 4X4 because they are new to the experience and not confident in handling a four wheel drive system. When you hire a 4x4 from TJ Self Drive Hire we’ll make sure you are fully informed about how to activate and use the four-wheel drive, and how to practice fuel economy to make the most of your hire vehicle.

You may even find you enjoy it so much you don’t want to return to driving an “ordinary” car.

The team at TJ Self Drive Hire are proud to be an independent, local car hire company, offering competitive rates and personal, friendly service. We have many friends and repeat customers in our home town of Melksham, and across the Wiltshire area in Chippenham, Bradford-on-Avon, Holt, Westbury, Devizes, Calne and Corsham.

Our rental vehicles – 4x4s and the rest of our fleet – are all maintained in impeccable condition and are a reliable ride, no matter what purpose you need to rent a car or van for.

Why not treat yourself to a 4x4 car hire experience. If you’d like to take one of wide range of 4x4s for a spin, give us a call on 01225 705862 for an instant quote and we’ll put you on the road for a thrilling ride.

. We offer a top class service and well maintained vehicles – call us now for an instant quote: 01225 705862

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